Tommy John Surgery Is Dead

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    HERNDON, VA, October 26, 2016
/24-7PressRelease/ — Over the past 4 years Neuro Peak
Performance and Rehab has eliminated the need for more cases of
Tommy John surgery than any other facility in North America, from
Major League players all the way to travel ball, receiving a
featured media attention on Fox 4 Dallas as well as articles and write ups in
more than 1,000 media outlets worldwide. They have now teamed up
with ABZ Performance and will be opening The Arm Clinic inside
their facility in Herndon, VA, becoming the ONLY clinic of its
kind to focus solely on the elimination of Tommy John and labrum
surgery. In addition to that, they will also offer their rapid
Tommy John surgery and labrum rehab program for those patients
who underwent the procedure but are still having issues, making
The Arm
Clinic a one stop shop for UCL and labrum injuries and rehab.

“To date we have successfully eliminated the need for 70+ cases
of Tommy John surgery and counting, more than anyone in North
America, making us the “go to” facility for baseball players
nationwide. Now, rather than have it as one of our services at
Neuro Peak Performance and Rehab, I wanted to create a Mayo
Clinic type facility if you will, that focuses solely on UCL
and labrum injuries, bringing our highly specialized Tommy John
Surgery Elimination program under one roof and making it a one
stop shop for baseball players everywhere. Whether we treat
them at our facility or remotely via Skype with our “In Home”
program, we can have them back on the field pain and symptom
free in under 21 days. Period,” stated Mark McClure whose
company is co- owner of The Arm Clinic.

The American Sports Medicine Institute has stated that Tommy
John Surgery has increased 20% each and every year from
2004-2011, and that number has continued to climb ever since.
So if The Arm Clinic is the answer to this epidemic, why isn’t
every team, player, parent and coach in America rushing to
their program? Managing Partner, Mark McClure, had this to say;

The ARM Clinic’s Tommy John Surgery Elimination Program

“Ignorance and old school thinking is what is holding them
back. Rest, ice, compression and elevation, or what is referred
to as RICE in the sports medicine field does not work for UCL
issues, labrum issues or any issue for that matter. Never has
and never will. What people need to realize is where you feel
pain or are injured is not where it is coming from, ever.
Somewhere a muscle or muscles are not absorbing force like they
were meant to do and this arises from a neurological
disconnect. OK, so what’s that mean? It means that the signal
being sent by the brain for that muscle to turn on fast enough
to absorb force and create force is not getting through fast
enough, and this is due to sodium potassium leakage and where
there is sodium potassium leakage there is scar tissue and
absolutely zero neurological communication. When this occurs
that force is then sent to areas of the body NOT meant to
absorb force, hence causing damage to the ulnar collateral
ligament. Until the muscles meant to absorb this force are
treated, all the Tommy John surgeries in the world will not fix
the problem because that force will STILL be sent to the ulnar
collateral ligament. Sure, they now have a new ligament and the
surgeon did his job to perfection, but the shocks still are not
working, the force is still going to the UCL and only a matter
of time until the problem arises again.

Look, if you take the shocks off your car you’re going to ruin
the frame because the shocks are meant to absorb the force.
Period. Same with your muscles. If your shoulder muscles,
biceps, triceps, etc., are not turning on fast enough
neurologically than it cannot absorb all the force and thus
some force stays in the muscles, the rest is transferred to
areas of the body not meant to absorb force. The UCL for one.
Once this happens the UCL starts to wear down until ultimately
it tears.

Strength training, rest, corrective exercises are useless until
the origin of what is causing the problem is fixed. With the
ARP Wave system and proprietary protocols, we are able to
pinpoint this neurological disconnect, treat it, turn the
muscle/shocks back on so to speak so it is now absorbing and
creating force, transferring the force away from the ligament
to the muscle and in the process vastly accelerate healing. To
the point our players are back in 21 days or less as opposed to
10+ months. Thus the reason for our success in eliminating the
need for Tommy John Surgery in 90% of all the cases that we
see,” McClure stated.

Pitchers Seeing 2-4+ MPH INCREASES After Tommy John
Surgery Elimination Program

McClure claims that over the past several years several
pitchers have seen their pitching velocity increase 2 to 4 MPH
or more only days after finishing their Tommy John Surgery
Elimination treatment. Many hitting the low 90’s after years of
hovering the in the mid to high 80’s.

“Absolutely there is an increase in pitching speed. No
question. We have gone in, cleaned up the scar tissue, got the
muscle firing on all cylinders and more importantly
neurologically retrained them to move correctly again without
compensatory actions. That’s part of the treatment. In those 20
sessions, we are getting them out of pain, cleaning up the scar
tissue near the long head of the biceps tendon, outer bicep
region and other hot spots, than have them do movements on the
ARP device that neurologically retrains them to move correctly
so when they pitch there are no compensatory actions that can
cause this issue again. When all of this comes together, you
have a pitcher who is now better prepared neurologically and
physiologically than any of his peers, can throw at a higher
velocity and more importantly throw at this higher velocity for
much, much longer durations of time. It’s quite remarkable what
this system can do and what’s more exciting is we are not only
saving seasons…we are saving and extending careers,” McClure

Is this the end for Tommy John surgery and arm issues
for athletes worldwide?
Time will tell, but if
pitchers can come back from UCL and labrum injuries 75-90%
faster without surgery while increasing their pitch velocity in
the process, this therapy and technology could rock the
baseball establishment on a global scale.

“Look, our clinic has successfully treated arm cases from more
than 20 Major League Baseball teams, numerous D1, D2 and D3
colleges and minor leaguers on every level. It’s not a matter
of IF this will rock the baseball community but a matter of
when. In 90%+ cases we can eliminate the need for Tommy John
Surgery, this is a game changer,” McClure ended.

To learn more about The Arm Clinic and their Tommy John Surgery
Elimination Program go to The Arm
Clinic specialists can treat you on site at their facility or
remotely in the comfort of your own home via Skype.

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