The World Firmly Believes There is NO CURE to Muscular Problems (Chronic Back Pain), But They Would Be WRONG. The Cure Exists and it is Called “The Perfect Back”

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    FAIRFIELD, CA, February 04, 2016

WHO: 31 Million people suffers with back pain at any one point
in time.

WHAT: What is chronic pain and why do we get it? Chronic pain
is created when the body is out of balance and it gets out of
balance because of muscle knot formations. Most people are
aware they have muscle knots and even aware when they need to
go to a chiropractor or a masseuse. A chiropractor will address
subluxations, but not the cause. Subluxations are caused by
muscle knots pulling on bones and causing them to lose their
alignment. So the reason a chiropractic adjustment won’t last
is because they are forcing the correct alignment without
fixing the problem (muscle knots) which caused the condition,
hence you are always going to the chiropractor. Same thing
occurs in massage; your gains are temporary because you’ve
addressed the reactive muscles and not the causal muscles.

WHERE: Where do we get these muscle knots? Well the muscle
knots that give us chronic pain are in the aging system. A
system of muscles whose goal is to keep the body operational
despite what we do with it and have been relatively unknown;
but we all know we are shrinking so we know they exist. These
muscles are located throughout the body. Because we are asking
more from our bodies than ever before, we are seeing these
aging muscles impacting younger people.

WHY: Why do I get muscle knots? The four main reasons are: 1)
injuries have created imbalances or the knot is to stabilize an
injured area, 2) exceeding the body’s capabilities, 3)
testosterone deficiencies, 4) excessive use of dominate arm
creating imbalances.

HOW: To get a better understanding of the
human back, you need to think of your body in 2 halves. The
correct alignment will have the upper body sit directly above
the lower body. That brings us to the one muscle that impacts
pretty much everyone. It is the muscles that make up our arch.
Think of the arch as a lever, if you are missing some of the
curve of your arch, then you technically are leaning forward
which makes it impossible for the upper body to sit directly
above the lower body. This creates a stress on the low back,
and it can further be stressed by having a curve in your upper
back, then you really have chronic pain. The upper back can
produce a curve from over-lifting and/or lifting items that are
too heavy. And if you combine those factors with aging which
creates less testosterone, then you really have a problem. And
if that wasn’t enough, you have spinal muscles which like to
get involved, assisting other aging muscles, furthering your
issues. These knots are famous for causing pain down the leg.
There are other muscles that are part of the aging system, but
I need to keep this one page. Removing the knots in these aging
muscles is what The Perfect Back is all about and the beauty is
that it is very simple to do.

WHEN: When the world is ready to accept there is a cure,
The Perfect
Back is here. My question to you is, can you accept the
fact that you were wrong, or will it be pride that gets in your
way. The mystery of the human back is now solved & mankind
will be better for it.

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Theresa L. Brumfield

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