How to Take Charge of Your Physical Therapy Advertising Woes

How to Take Charge of Your Physical Therapy Advertising WoesWho says that putting up your own physical therapy clinic is a walk in the park? But then again, who says that it will never be a walk in the park? If you want to venture into any kind of business, you know how valuable advertising can be. Whether you are venturing in developing your own private clinic or trying to increase your clients, advertising is one ingredient you cannot live without. Here are a few reasons why you need to know how to take charge of your physical therapy advertising woes:

  • It is all about brand awareness

Your physical therapy clinic is basically YOU. You want your patients to remember you and how great your services are. You want to be in the minds of your target clients. Take a look at the bigger picture and visualize that your physical therapy clinic advertising is like a set of dominoes toppling after another. If you advertise, you create a perception, once that perception is established, you create familiarity and again, once proven strong, it builds trust. If you want to revamp your business, advertising is still beneficial for you. You want to rebrand your business and there is no better way to let people know that you are upgrading your services but by advertising.

  • It is about being an authority in physical therapy

Improving your brand paves the way towards becoming a leader and an authority in physical therapy. By intergrating with other means of PR strategies, your physical therapy brand can become the expert in your given field.

  • It is about control

With you at the helm of your own advertising, you get complete control over it. You will know how, when and where you want your advertising should be. You also get to control who and where you want to target.

  • It is about consistency

In connection with the first point, by allowing your brand to create a sense of awareness to your prospect market, your customers will instantly recognize you and would know what you offer by just a mere mention of your brand.

If you are on a tight budget, of course, you may not have the means to hire an advertsing agency to market your brand. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it can be advanatageous to you! So how can you advertise on your own?

  • Have you thought about your market?

Being out there, meaning your brand, is fine. But being out there in the right place at the right time is just perfect! And one thing that can get you there is to know and understand your market. Who are they? How would you reach them? Do you read the dailies a lot? Do they surf even more? Questions like these would be your first step in truly understanding who your market base is. By zeroing in on them, you get the best of your budget. Additionally, it is not just your market base that you need to think of- think of your competitors as well. Figure out how the competitors market themselves and be inspired by them. Be original. Also, find a way in which you can differentiate your own brand from the competitors and how you can improve yours to become better.

  • Have you chosen what kind of platform you want to focus on?

Remember in the first part of this article when it mentioned that you need to know how to reach them? This is the perfect timing on how to do so since you already have zoomed in on your target market. Brainstorm on ways on how to reach your physical therapy market.

  • If you think that your market reads a lot of print media, why not put your ads on newspapers, magazines and the likes?
  • If you think they listen to the local radio and television programs, why don’t you put you ad as part of their commercials?
  • Since more and more people are becoming online these days, why don’t you put up your own blog? Believe when I say that having a physical therapy blog at this point is as important as putting up your physical therapy clinic.
  • If you think your market like special promos, why don’t you formulate such promos and put them up in an online deal site?
  • If you think your target market are those who often join community events, why don’t you apply for a sponsorship at a local sports event or distribute flyers during such events?
  • If you are targeting people who go to sports events and the likes, why don’t you team up with the local health club or gym? You can provide a small meeting with the regulars and discuss their physical therapy issues.
  • Have you monitored your success rate?

Don’t be a fool and just do and do. You need to stop for a while and assess the way things are going. If the traffic to your brand is not coming in, you might want to rethink the way to approach your advertising. If you think things are going your way, you can ask for patient feedback. Ask them how they were able to know your PT clinic.

Putting your physical therapy clinic’s advertising in your own hands seems too daunting but it is indeed the opposite. Are you willing to do so? What do you think?

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