Relocating? Here’s Three Must-Know Tips for Physical Therapists

Everyone would agree that looking for a new job brings a lot of stress. And even if you have found the job you wanted, the feeling of apprehension is still there. Being in that situation is already hard and if you add relocating to another just do not make the feelings go away. What would you do if you are relocating? Here’s three must-know tips … [Read more...]

Five Highest Paid Specialties for Physical Therapists

It is not surprising that there is an upsurge of people interested in the physical therapy program. There are more and more people aging. The elderly as well as the  discovery of new illnesses and diseases have called for more and more demand for the physical therapy services. Just take a look in a certain community and you will see that physical … [Read more...]

Developing a Great Bedside Manner

You may have heard of a bedside manner in your physical therapy practice. But what does constitute a great one? Why does one have to be keen on developing a great bedside manner? What is it there for the physical therapist? A bedside manner is something that many physical therapists have a hard time understanding, much more defining it. It is … [Read more...]

Stunning Compensation Data about Being a Bodily Therapist

Smartly, you more than likely assume having a bodily treatment as a profession is simply any other variety of occupation for any individual who prefers to be in the healthcare sector. Some folks even assume of bodily treatment as a beneficial profession. Authentic, when you belong in this crew, you are certain that you additionally belong to the … [Read more...]

Your Physical Therapy Career and Other Related Professions

For sure you are bent on the physical therapy career. That is perfectly fine. But have you ever wondered what the difference between your physical therapy career and other related professions out there? What makes PT different and what makes such career similar to other health related jobs? Do some of these professions overlap in functions? Will … [Read more...]

Understanding Clinical Reasoning Errors

An evidence-based physical therapy treatment is not a hit-and-miss kind of a thing. It is not either a trial-and-error process where the physical therapist gets to try a lot of processes and hope that even just one of them would work. Evidence-based therapy should be defined by clinical reasoning. However, many physical therapists, whether they … [Read more...]

Social Media and Your Physical Therapy Practice

How do you market your profession online? You may have heard about the power of social media. How about trying get control about social media and your physical therapy practice? Facebook? Check. Twitter? Another check. LinkedIn? Check. Instagram? Do I have to? Foursquare? Is it necessary? The moment you blink, there is another social media in … [Read more...]

What to Avoid When Developing a Therapeutic Relationship

You might have seen some readings on what kinds of behavior a physical therapist should emulate. On the other hand, have you asked yourself what to avoid when developing a therapeutic relationship? In any given circumstance, there are behaviors that elicit positive reactions and outcome. Meanwhile, there are also other kinds of behavior that might … [Read more...]

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