PT Experts Advise Seniors of Simple Health Resolutions for 2018

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    RIVERTON, UT, January 06, 2018
/24-7PressRelease/ — Experts with In-Home Physical
Therapy Rehabilitation Specialists, or HomePT, a visiting
physical therapy practice in Salt Lake, Utah, broke down health
resolutions for 2018 into simple tasks for the 55+ community.

According to Statistic Brain, only nine percent of people
actually achieve their New Year’s resolution by the end of the
year. With this tip sheet, HomePT hopes to encourage seniors to
make positive changes to their lifestyle, resulting in a
happier and better quality of life.

– Prevent falls by inspecting the home for trip hazards. Rug
glue or rubber grips may be used to secure rugs on tile or
hardwood floor. Grab bars should be installed in the shower and
next to the commode.

– Strengthen stability through vestibular rehabilitation, which
addresses weakness relating to vertigo, dizziness and

– The bed should the support needs of the cervical, thoracic
and lumbar discs. Replace the mattress if neck or back pain
exists after sleeping.

– Ask a physical therapist to demonstrate the proper technique
for rolling over and moving in and out of bed to increase
mobility and avoid pain, as well as moving into a neutral sleep
position to improve sleep.

– Spend 15 to 30 minutes every day doing a physical activity,
such as dancing with the grandchildren or taking a walk around
the neighborhood to build endurance and strength.

– A personal home workout routine can address areas of
weakness, such as building abdominal strength, increasing range
of motion, or independent mobility.

– Each prescription drug should be reviewed for the intended
use and expiration date. Expired or unneeded medication must be
properly disposed.

– Follow up with a doctor to determine if existing problems can
be supplemented or completely replaced with physical therapy.

The senior community can take control and even improve their
health by following these guidelines. It is important to
realize they are not alone in their journey, as many physical
therapy practices, such as In-Home Physical Therapy, are fully
covered by Medicare and other insurance policies.

“I have found that physical therapy care in the home is the
most effective way to improve one’s quality of life,” said
David Wetzel, physical therapist with HomePT. “It is
convenient, comfortable, and most practical.”

The physical therapists with HomePT solely conduct house calls
to provide personal and thorough care to their patients. In
addition to tending for patients, HomePT has visited several
retirement communities and aging adult services centers to
discuss diabetes, neuropathy, water therapy and other topics in
an effort to educate and empower senior citizens.

ABOUT HOMEPT: In-Home Physical Therapy Rehabilitation
Specialists, or HomePT, is a visiting physical therapy practice
in Salt Lake County, Utah. HomePT caters to individual special
needs and comfort by performing nearly all services in the
patients’ homes. Learn more or schedule a consultation at, or call (801) 448-1770.

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