On Creating a Rapport with Physicians

On Creating a Rapport with PhysiciansEven if there is no stopping  the popularity of direct access among physical therapists, one just cannot deny that physical therapists are still going to need patient referrals from physicians. One just cannot do away with ideas and strategies on creating a rapport with physicians. Not yet.

There was a time that physician referrals were largely the lifeblood of physical therapy clinics so to exist and thrive. Of course, having and creating ways on how to improve exceptional is also vital; however, it is also equally important that a physical therapist, in order to widen the physical therapy horizon, needs the recommendations of the physician. This can only be done  through the creation of a great and strong physician-physical therapist relationship.

Having said this, how can a physical therapist achieve that kind of lasting and beneficial  relationship with the physician? Once you have some kind of professional relationships with physicians, how can you maintain such relationships in order to keep the patients flowing in this manner?

  • Take time

Pay your already-known physicians a visit even if it is just twice a year. Seeing you, for them, means that you still exist and your business is still operating. Bring some goodies. If this would be your first time, make it at least thrice a year, the visiting, that is. Don’t just target the largest group of doctors in the neighborhood. Don’t forget the small ones either. Introduce yourself with a smile. You just cannot realize what positive things might happen while you are there in the physician’s office, unless you go. Perhaps a recommendation or two can be gotten from doctor when the said doctor needs physical therapy. Give your business cards to physicians. Be sure that it is the updated information that is reflected on the business card. If you can have a telephone line to specifically use to market your clinic or business to physicians, the better.

  • Don’t be fussy about the referral system

What better way to ease the physicians of the referral process is to provide them with a simplified form of doing so. This would not only make you look good to them but also this makes the entire process easy and fast. There are so many ways you can do this but one of the easiest way is to provide the current information, as mentioned earlier. Not only should you provide the latest information in your business card, you should also provide the same kind of information on your social media accounts, your websites and the likes. It may sound too simple but once you applied this, you would see how important this simple task is to your practice. Additionally, it is also important that, if possible, you should create a website, even if it is just a one-page format. On that website, you should also include a patient referral form so that physicians can easily fill this out. Make sure that the form is easy to read and comprehend. Physicians don’t have all day to read the gibberish writing on your site. Also, the accessibility of the said form should be easy and so does submitting the form to you. In addition to this, if you have business cards, include your website. In fact, in all your marketing materials, it is important to add your email, office phone number, website and the likes so physicians can easily contact you.

  • A follow-up is important

This applies to those physicians who have already done business with you or those who refer to you often. This would be the perfect time to make an effort to update as well as thank the physician. You don’t really have to go to their clinic physically. You can always communicate with them through other means, that is, the phone, the email and the likes. A small talk is often a great way to start the conversation. Ask them about their practice. Since you are trained to listen, this should be easy for you. After all, great physical therapists begin with the ear to listen.

  • Understand EMR

Even if you do not want it, you may very understand that EMRs are here for good. Think of the EMR as a way for you to interact with your physicians the fastest way possible. Think of this as a vessel for your marketing strategy. Since with most EMRs, you communicate with notes, you can always add your logo to these notes so the physician can very well see it. Make sure that your handwriting is clear, neat and legible, that is, if you are writing it by hand. Well,in any case, you need to have the note written in the clearest and most readable way possible. This is one way of making your physicians remember you and your logo. In addition to this, you should also tap into the referral report feature of some EMRs. This would give you some leads on who has given you referrals and how many per physician. You can then determine who get to have more visits from you or the physicians whom you should give more attention to in order to create better rapport with them.

  • Don’t forget to say “Thank you.”

Thank you’s never get too old. This is one act that may only consist of two words but the effects of these two words is more than enough to create an impact . Make your physicians know that they are appreciated by uttering these two words. You can either do that thanking in person, send some thank you cards, just make sure that you personally write them to give it a personal touch and pay it forward by making referrals back to them.

Who says that physical referrals are no longer needed?There are more than ways you can still tap into this. What do you think?

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