New Year’s Resolution for the Physical Therapist

New Year’s Resolution for the Physical Therapist

New Year’s Resolution for the Physical Therapist

Now that in a few weeks’ time, 2013 will come to an end. Soon, you would say hello to 2014. Inevitably you contemplate how you have fared for this year and how you can improve for the following year. What can you do to make your physical therapy career better? What steps can you follow to better your patient relationships or how can you improve your leadership skills? What should be done to take your career one step higher?

You really don’t have to think hard for we will give you four New Year’s resolution for the physical therapist so you can be a better and more efficient one at that.

New Year’s Resolution #1. BECOME FIT.

One of the top New Year’s resolutions, not just for the physical therapist but for almost everyone is to become fit. This kind of resolution should be more resonated when you are in the health industry for the fact that you are one of those who advocate heath. But, as the numbers have shown, this is the opposite. Half of the nursing population are either obese or overweight and eight percent of the nursing population are smokers. You might say that the statistics is low if you compare this to the  general public and to the health sector in general. But you need to think of these hard-to-stop habits as deterrent to a hundred percent work efficiency. Smokers might have a hard time doing physical work and so are the overweight. If you disregard the work section of the whole thing, these habits are still bad for one’s health. Smoking and excess weight can shorten one’s life and this can also make you workless efficiently. This year should be your wake-up call year. As you very well know that drastic changes to your lifestyle to fit the change is not the way to go. If you want to change, then, change little by little. Take baby steps. Make sure these are healthy ones. For example, you should quit going to fastfood chains and spend more time eating health vegetables. Instead of indulging in steaks or chicken with heavy gravy, stick to lean meat. Instead of being a couch potato on your day-off, try to go to the gym or have a walk in your neighbourhood. The point here is to have some kind of activity.

New Year’s Resolution #2. BECOME MORE POSITIVE.

Who you are affects you inside and out. That being said, when you become too stressed, everything about you is also stressed. Your job, your career as well as your relationships are affected- and even how you deal with patients. When you feel sad, this too can be seen or even felt by other people. You do not want that to be felt by your patients, right? So next year, instead of focusing on the negative aspects, focus on things that make you happy. Be with people who exude positivity. If you have a certain kind of positivity in you, people can see and sense that as well. Being happy and positive can help you ward off infections. If you think that your work makes you stressed and unhappy, try to consider you options. Be updated with the latest trends in physical therapy. Join physical therapy seminars. Update your resume. When you are ready, think of the options that can make you happy.

New Year’s Resolution #3. BE PATIENT- ORIENTED

You need to focus more on your patients. That is quality patient care. That being said, you need to think of ways to convey your thoughts not only to your patients but also to their loved ones and family. The pattern and style of communicating to your patients is the key to make them comply with the rehabilitation. Also, this is also one of the vital factors on how you can modify their behaviour in such a way that can follow your instructions. Patients get stressed when they go into rehab. Being their physical therapist, it is your duty to relieve that stress. In this way, they get to interact with you the way you want them to. They become comfortable with you and they, therefore, become less frazzled with anxiety. This can greatly improve their performance and health.

New Year’s Resolution #4. FIND SOMEONE to MENTOR

As you mature career-wise, it is more gratifying to help someone, especially when that someone is just starting in his or her physical therapy career. Mentoring, in a way, improves your leadership skills as well as you professional competence. The positive side of this is you get to help others in the process.

So, how about making 2014 count? Why don’t you make 2014 work so you can be happier and become more fulfilled physical therapist. What do you think?

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