Your Guide to the Physical Therapy Education…and You Won’t Look Anywhere Else

So, you want to be physical therapist but do not know where to start? We are here to help you. This article is about your guide to the physical therapy education. Physical therapy is one of the most promising careers for this decade and for the next. You chose this career so you know that you are in a very strategic spot. But what do you have to … [Read more...]

Know the Ins and Outs of the Physical Therapy Admission Process

What do you know about the Physical Therapy Admissions Process? If nothing, that is quite understandable. Discover the ins and outs of physical therapy admissions process here. What is PTCAS? According to APTA, you can either apply online or you can do that locally. If you prefer to do this online, the best part of this is you can use a … [Read more...]

Five Highest Paid Specialties for Physical Therapists

It is not surprising that there is an upsurge of people interested in the physical therapy program. There are more and more people aging. The elderly as well as the  discovery of new illnesses and diseases have called for more and more demand for the physical therapy services. Just take a look in a certain community and you will see that physical … [Read more...]

How to Customise Your Bodily Treatment Résumé

There is no denying that one of the careers with the perfect views in the years to come is bodily remedy. There is an upsurge in the quantity of college students learning bodily remedy in the hopes that they may just, in the future, additionally grow to be a section of the bodily treatment work pool. The truth is, even with the quantity of … [Read more...]

How to Create a Stunning PT Cover Letter for Your Job Application

One of the first steps that you, or any physical therapist, must do is to know how to create a stunning PT cover letter for your job application. You already have a prospect position in mind. Your résumé is already done and ready to be passed. But then again, you forgot to write your cover letter. If in case you think the cover letter is just a … [Read more...]

The Pre-PT Info

Are you still thinking twice about your physical therapy career? Have you had long nights thinking whether being a physical therapist is really your true calling? Okay, here the hardcore facts you must know physical therapy. Physical therapy is one of the youngest professions in the country. Perhaps it might be caused by the diseases and, for … [Read more...]

Get That Job Through Social Networking

You just cannot deny the power of the Internet. However, the Internet can be good to bad and everything in between. What was once just used to connect with long lost friends and high school classmates has gotten a notch higher. Now, the Internet is used as a platform to look for jobs. For a person who is looking for a job, the social media platform … [Read more...]

Your Physical Therapy Career and Other Related Professions

For sure you are bent on the physical therapy career. That is perfectly fine. But have you ever wondered what the difference between your physical therapy career and other related professions out there? What makes PT different and what makes such career similar to other health related jobs? Do some of these professions overlap in functions? Will … [Read more...]

Palliative Care and Physical Therapy

In the past, physical therapists were only relegated to treating and managing patients having difficulties caused by an injury or disease. The main purpose of such treatment was to make the mobility and function of that certain individual better or so that certain individual could function in the community where he or she was living as independent … [Read more...]

What Physical Therapy Schools Don’t Teach You But You Have to Know

Have you thought of some lessons that you have to learn the hard way when it comes to dealing with rehabilitation patients? Have you wanted that these should have at least been introduced in your physical therapy school so that you would not have a hard time dealing with it in actuality. If you have been working for years as a physical … [Read more...]

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