BHOPB Pro Recovery Team Interviewed at “Concussion” Movie Premiere

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    WEST PALM BEACH, FL, February 15, 2016
/24-7PressRelease/ — The members of Behavioral Health of
the Palm Beaches’ Pro Recovery Team sat down with Joe Raineri of
640 AM Sports, of South Florida, to discuss football, the Super
Bowl and reactions to the movie “Concussion.” The interview with
Vance Johnson, Randy Grimes, Chris T. Jones, McDonald Oden and
Sean Dykes took place prior to an exclusive viewing of the new
Will Smith film at Downtown Gardens Cobb Theatre.

Many of the Pro Recovery Team members had some interesting
thoughts and opinions about the controversial film and the
subject of concussions itself, as each player admitted to
having suffered concussions throughout their playing careers.
Both Chris and McDonald said they were pressured back onto the
field shortly after sustaining an in-game concussion, and Vance
attributed some of his addiction struggles potentially to
violent head traumas he received while playing.

The group discussed emerging research that continues to raise
awareness about the short and long-term threats of concussions,
one of the biggest hot-button topics in the NFL and all sports.
Vance echoed the sentiment that many other former players have
expressed: that they would not choose professional football as
a career if they could do it all over again.

“I would not want to do it again and I sure wouldn’t want one
of my kids to go out there and play football because of the
problems that are happening,” Vance Johnson who played in 3
Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos said.”It’s not worth a
lifetime of not knowing who you are or who your family is, and
then the agony and the problem that these guys are dealing
with, with the memory loss and some of the pain they’re
struggling with. In watching this movie and showing how serious
it is, it’s going to bring it to these guys’ hearts. I know it
did for me.”

With more and more former NFL players coming out against the
sport in their post-careers, the long-term future of the sport
may be in peril. Research into concussions and the long-term
health effects associated with football is ongoing. As we are
armed with more knowledge, parents will be able to make more
informed decisions about allowing their children to play
football or not.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers addiction recovery
programs specifically tailored for professional athletes. These
programs take into account the unique needs and challenges
facing current and former athletes. The ultimate goal of the
Pro Recovery Team is to inform the public about the addiction
recovery programs at BHOPB and to speak to athletes who may be
in need of help but are unsure of where to find it.

For more information on Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches
or how to have the Pro Recovery Team speak at an event, please
call (888) 432-2467.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is one of the nation’s
leading behavioral health care organizations. Located in South
Florida, we are composed of a group of addiction treatment and
mental health facilities. Each one of our locations offers
expert treatment, support, advocacy and assistance to patients
suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness.
We specialize in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, and
develop our cutting-edge treatment programs using
evidence-based best practices.

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