5 Characteristics of Highly Effective Physical Therapists

5 Characteristics of Highly Effective Physical TherapistsYou may have read and put into heart the book entitled, “ Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Let’s tweak it a bit and put the 5 characteristics of highly effective physical therapists here in this article. It comes not a surprise that this kind of article is a part of this blog. How else can people who wish to venture into the physical therapy profession understand what physical therapy is all about. Yes, it may be about the modalities, the devices and the likes but more than that, physical therapy is about care. Physical therapists should understand what care is all about and, more importantly, how care should be given to the patients.

For many successful physical therapists, there is more that the number of sessions they spend with the patients. It is even more than the diagnoses they provide. Many have already understood that in order that the healing is accelerated, it takes more than the modalities. There is something humane about physical therapy. Furthermore, if you are one of those whom people have no qualms on telling their stories, or you often find yourself in a situation where people become comfortable talking about themselves with you. Have you considered that you might have a natural listener? Or has anyone told you are best fit to become a physical therapist?

There may be a lot of factors that play in how the physical therapist becomes effective in the profession. Some would consider the actual training as one of the factors. In most cases, this is applicable. However, a student therapist should also consider that other factors such as own’s trait and personality also come into play. The way the physical therapist handles the emotional as well as the physical aspects of patient care should be considered as well. Furthermore, it is also about the interpersonal social skills of the physical therapist that is working here too. Physical therapists also deal with co-workers, so the relation between them is also vital.

Care to know what makes the physical therapist effective?

  • The physical therapist has credentials

Whether the physical therapist has a BSPT, MPT or a DPT education, the main point here is that the physical therapist must be able to finish the physical therapy program. It is important to understand that those who already have the bachelor’s degree and are already practicing means that  they were able to do so before APTA mandated that an advanced degree is needed. It is also important to note that many facilities and patients prefer that their physical therapists have continuing education. To the patients, this means that when the physical therapist cares about educating oneself, that same physical therapist cares about the up-to-date techniques that should be done or performed on the patient.

  • The physical therapist knows the current physical therapy techniques and uses the latest equipment

The last thing that patients want from their physical therapists is the fact that their PTs do not understand how a device should work. Improper use and knowledge of certain machines can lead to injury- and being the physical therapist, you do not want that to happen. Understanding of the machine and what kind of injury or ailment is best-suited for the machine is also vital. In order that you, the physical therapist, get up-dated on things physical therapy, you need attend seminars, lectures and conferences. Spending time to understand a certain machine is also very important.

  • The physical therapist must have valid certifications

Legitimacy is important. This gives you the edge to work in a given place. Patients and clients feel more at ease when they see your license hanging on the clinic wall. This is more on providing the patient the needed confidence working with you, knowing that you have the right to work in a given state. Additionally, patients would be uneasy asking you about your license outright or you, even, might be too. To spare yourselves the embarrassment, show your license by putting it on the wall.

  • The physical therapist a great bedside manner

An effective physical therapist spends time to understand people. Being a people person helps but the interpersonal social skills are further honed when you allow yourself to develop such trait over time. A bedside manner is a characteristic wherein the physical therapist knows when to comfort the patient, when to encourage that said patient and the likes. A great physical therapist knows that it is all about positivity in order to heal the patient in such a way that the patient feels at ease during physical therapy sessions. In addition to this, the physical therapist knows that it is the patient’s welfare that is the priority of the the therapy session. That being said, the physical therapist must understand that patients must be satisfied with the therapy session. And all these start with a great bedside manner.

  • The physical therapist must undergo specialization

If you want to be more experienced in physical therapy, you should allow yourself to learn a more in-depth knowledge of physical therapy, hence, the specialization. The specialization allows you to focus on a certain physical therapy need. Many patients now like physical therapists who just emphasize on a specific field. You have nine fields to choose from. You just have to know which field you feel most comfortable with.

A highly effective physical therapist is what the world needs to make it a better place. What do you think?




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